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Thursday, July 23rd Warm-Up Goal Work Did you get them on the board last week? If not, make it happen. If you did, lets start working on them. Workout of the Day Team WOD Thursday Pick a partner. Find a weight that works for the both of you and perform… 25 Front Squats (each) 25 Shoulder to Overhead (each) 25 Burpees (each) 25 Shoulder to Overhead (each and it can’t be the same movement you did on the first 25) 25 Front Squats (each) Fitness/Performance/Competition You be the judge.

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A few announcements for the 2015 FU Cancer Throwdown. **The third workout will be announced tomorrow at 9 AM. For those of you who are sulking because of the barbell work in the first two workouts, this will be your time to shine! **For the top 4 teams in each division, we will have a final. That workout will also be announced tomorrow. **As of this post, we have the following spots available: 1 RX Female 5 RX Male 2 Open Female 9 Open Male (seriously guys???)

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The reaction to Sal saying we are about to do group pictures at the gym… #crossfit, #crossfitoutcome #fucancer

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Wednesday, July 15th Warm-Up Strength 4 Sets of… 10 Walking Lunge w/Kettlebell 1 Minute Plank Workout of the Day “Hang Squat Snatch Biathlon” 400 Meter Run 21 Hang Snatch 400 Meter Run 15 Hang Snatch 400 Meter Run 9 Hang Snatch Fitness: 55/75 Performance: 65/95 Competition 75/115

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If you have not read this, you should. It’s pretty amazing.

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Monday, July 6th Strength Take 15 Minutes to find your… 1 Rep Max Front Squat Recommend using the following rep scheme: 5 @ 40% 5 @ 50% 3 @ 60% 3 @ 70% 1 @ 80%-85% 1 @ 85%-95% 1 @ 95%-100+% Note: When finding a proper 1 Rep Max there are a few things to keep in mind. 1st and foremost, maintain great form. A 1 Rep Max should be repeatable. If managed to lift a 150 LB bar one day and could never seem to get within 20 LBs of that again, was that really a good 150 LB lift? Our goal at Outcome is to produce repeatable results. To do that, everyone should always maintain proper form. The second part of finding your 1 Rep Max is the rep scheme you use to get there. The scheme above allows for several reps at a warm up weight (40-60 %) and then starts your working sets at 70%. When you are within 90-95% of your 1RM you should find that the barbell is quite heavy. If you choose to increase your weights after that, do it in little jumps. If my 1RM was 150 LBs I would shoot for 95-98% of that. If that lift felt good, I would go for 101%. Too often I see folks just slapping 10s on each side as if the only way to go up in weight is by 20 LBs. We have lots of fractional plates, please use them. Be safe, have fun and lift all the weights! Workout of the Day 1 Minute Max Rep Double Unders And then 5 rounds of: 9 Thrusters 9 Pull-Ups (Ring Rows Mod) 200 M Run And then do your # from Max Rep Double Unders Fitness: 45/65 Performance: 65/95 Competition 95/135

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Monday, June 22 Warm-Up Strength 5|3|1 Back Squat – Cycle 2 Week 4 (Note: Last week in the cycle. We will retest next week and see what progress we have made. Truly appreciate all of you who have stayed on track and followed the plan. For those who haven’t, I appreciate any work you have put in. This stuff is tough. If it were easy, everyone would do it. Give yourself the appropriate amount of credit your deserve, have a donut and get back in the gym. There is always time to recommit and focus your efforts.) Skill Go over and warm up movements in WOD Workout of the Day 12 Minute AMRAP 200 M Row 7 Hang Power Snatch Fitness: 45/75 Performance: 65/95 Competition 95/135

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Thursday, June 11 Warm-Up Strength 5|3|1 Deadlift – Cycle 2 Week 2 Workout of the Day 21|15|9|15|21 Box Jumps Sit-Ups Finish w/1000 M Row (Notes: Work hard and be nice to others.) Fitness: 20/24 Inch Box Performance: 20/24 Inch Box Competition: 20/24 Inch Box

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Retweeted John Welbourn (@johnwelbourn): "I have come to chew bubblegum & kick ass" #RIP #Rowdy

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I see a lot of legs & mods in her near future...#noexcuses killann_ @ CrossFit Campbell

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SATURDAY WOD August 1, 2015 8am-9am and 9am-10am Group Coached WOD 10am-12 noon OPEN GYM

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Hayward Police Sergeant Scott Lunger was shot and killed Wednesday, July 22, 2015 during a traffic stop. We will be doing Lunger at 5pm Hero WOD to honor him. #sfcf #hero

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Please welcome Matt A. to CrossFit 580!

Radical Roots published the post Strawberry Rhubarb Tart on Nutrition WOD
The inspiration for this recipe came to me after buying far too much rhubarb at farmers market...
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FOR TIME: 50 DU 25 Front Squats (155/105) 25 Sit ups 40 DU 15 Front Squats (155/105) 15 Sit ups 30 DU 10 Front Squats (155/105) 10 Sit ups 20 DU 5 Front Squats (155/105) 5 Sit ups

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Front Squat x7 WOD 8min AMRAP 1 Wall Walk 10 T2B 25 Double Unders

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Happy Birthday to Kirk Miller! Kirk is one of our most involved athletes. He is on board and ready to go for it everyday. He is also a great supporter, and we really appreciate how much he encourages us and our members. We hope you have a fantastic day, Kirk!

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CrossFit Campbell: Workout of the Day

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The workout for 7/31 is... Pull Ups/Dips 9-9-8-7-6 Rope Climbs! 5 for time (mod: 10 rope drops) WOD - Record reps for each "max effort" 3 min Max Effort Push Press (95/65) 3 min Max Effort Box Jump Overs (24/20) rest 1 min 2 min Max Effort Hang Squat Cleans (95/65) 2 min Max Effort Box Jump Overs (24/20) Rest 1 min 1 min Max Effort Hang Power Snatch (95/65) 1 min Max Effort Box Jumps (24/20) Jeopardy! Category: Significant Old Books Answer: This Swiss-French writer's political covenant "The Social Contract"

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Be sure to check out today's #CrossFit #WOD on the I AM CrossFit site!

Leah published the post Women's Only: Self Acceptance Through Exercise on Tabata Times
[pullquote align="right"]I've noticed a lot of things that I used to accept as okay commentary, are...
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Whiteboard 3/30/15 Partner "Cindy" or "Mary"

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New WOD: For time: 5 Rounds 20 Pull ups 30 Push ups 40 Ab Mat sit ups 50 Walking lunge steps Rest ~ 2 minutes between rounds Post time to comments or BTW AND….Nat found his max! CROSSOVER SYMMETRY: WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? This may not be a news flash, but CrossFit can be hard on the shoulders. ...... Click for more:

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#Repost @soulsean ・・・ More than just a gym. #Family #teamSOUL

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Awe yea! Get it Bob! #Repost @_toofast with @repostapp. ・・・ I tell myself that the more it hurts now the less it will hurt then. Usually it doesn't work out that hurt today and I'm sure it will hurt then. #leadville #leadville100 #thinair #whatgoesupmustcomedown

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WOD 7/31/15 FITNESS 10-minute AMRAP of: 120 Single-unders 30 One-arm KB Floor Presses, 24/16kg (alternating arms) 15 Knee Raises Rest 3:00 10-minute AMRAP of: Run 200 meters 30 KB Deadlifts, 24/16kg 15 Hand-release push-ups PERFORMANCE 10-minute AMRAP of: 60 Double-unders 30 One-arm KB Floor Presses, 32/24kg (alternating arms) 15 T2B Rest 3:00 10-minute AMRAP of: Run 200 meters 30 KB Deadlifts, 32/24kg 15 Hand-release push-ups

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No Weightlifting with Leo tomorrow!! Make sure to come out to the @monsterboxthrowdown on Saturday and support all of our girls that are competing!!! We will post their heat times tomorrow morning! #irontemplecrossfit #irontemplecf #irontemple #crossfit #angeldelmar #ilovemybox #irontemplefamilia #press #tabata #situps #run #kbs #fitness #miamilakes #hialeah

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Friday 7/31/15 20 Min E2MOM 3 Power Cleans 3 Front Squats 1 Jerk 85% of clean and jerk max --rest 5 min— Max reps of dumbbell manmakers

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Hello Athletes! Warning! Gorgas Avenue Gate is CLOSED starting TOMORROW! You will have to use the Lombard, Presidio, or Arguello gates and/or Lincoln Street. DETAILS:

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Friday WOD | 07.31.15

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792 (7/31/15) 1,000m Run 25 Power Cleans #135/95 25 Box Jump Overs #24"/20" 25 Chest to Bar Pull Ups 50 Wall Balls #20/14 25 Chest to Bar Pull Ups 25 Box Jump Overs 25 Power Cleans

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Dr. Avi Zinn will be hosting another Functional Movement Screen (FMS) this Sunday, August 2nd at 9am! These sell out quick, so sign up ASAP or message us to reserve your spot. If you did the first one, this would be a great time to retest and see if you've improved your mobility. We are keeping the same rate of $10 and it will be limited to ten members. Avi is a doctor of physical therapy and Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist. He has practiced in a variety of different physically therapy settings: sports medicine, industrial medicine, public and private hospitals, outpatient orthopedic clinics, and home health. The FMS is a ranking system that documents movement patterns key to normal function. By screening these patterns, the FMS readily identifies functional limitations and asymmetries. These are issues that can reduce the effects of functional training and put one at risk for injury.

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Palmetto Bay CrossFit posted an article
Palmetto Bay CrossFit posted an article
Palmetto Bay CrossFit posted an article
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Good Job Rx'ers!

Palmetto Bay CrossFit posted an article
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WOD for Friday, July 31st, is... A. Scapular development work B. On a 5 Min Clock for 25 Min 5 TNG Power Cleans (heavy as possible) 250m Row Sprint -Rest remainder of 5 min

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Ok, vertically un-challenged, people. Ask and you shall receive. New pull-up bars are tall. Very. Very. Tall. #crossfit #crossfitdeco #crossfitindenver #denvercrossfit #upgrade #pullup #gymnastics #gym #wod #workout #denver #colorado #kip #kipaway #feetdragnomore

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Today's #IAmFamSpotlight is about I Am CrossFit East's own Johnny Lara (and his majestic beard)! From Johnny himself: "I started Crossfit in Summer 2011, and I have been coaching since 2013. I am studying Physical Therapy and Nutrition. Coaching/Training is something that brings me an incredible amount of joy, in watching members reach goals, change their lives, and conquer obstacles they never imagined. I love what I do, and I am here to help. Now go pick up that bar!"

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Are you part of our cool text alert club? Text DECO to 63975 to opt in for updates about upcoming events, promotions, scheduling changes, etc. Message & Data Rates may apply. Up to 4 msgs/mo. To cancel, reply STOP. For help, text HELP

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MOJO in the house! Do yourself a favor and grab a can next time you're in. This is COLD BREW COFFEE not coffee flavored @killcliff . We can't think of a more american way to start the day. #killcliff #mojo #merica #coffee #coldbrew

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Nice job today Daria for using a 24 inch box for the first time in a workout!

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Kaylyn Wiese published the post How To Get The Most Out Of Your Hour on
If you are like most CrossFitters, you probably only have 60-90 minutes give or take a few, from...
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Get it, girrrrrl!!! First strict pull up for @linds_strickler ! #dedication #hardwork #pullup #strong #strength #crossfit #crossfitdeco #gym #denver #colorado #gymnastics #proudcoach #proudmusculardestinycoach

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We're out here! Find us today from 10am-3pm at the @Jackson Memoria Wellness Fair at Jackson Health System! Keeping your body moving and active leads to a long #healthy life! Thanks for having us! #CrossFit #CrossFitWynwood #Miami

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Sweet mojo is now in stock!

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Do you enjoy Rowing? Rowing is one of the best ways to improve your maximal oxygen consumption or aerobic capacity. Rowing also allows you to keep your wits about you while breathing heavy. Over time you will find that your ability to keep moving during the workouts will improve and your rest times will decrease. Coach Dustin Gray, CFSC trainer and former Collegiate Varsity rower at Georgia State University will take you through this fun and challenging weekly rowing class. Email us at or call (404) 310-5332 to set up a time.

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Where are the nooners?

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