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===Workout of the day for Thursday, February 16, 2017=== Coach Led Dynamic Warmup & Mobility Strength: Strict Press 5×5 w/increasing weight Metcon: “Open Up” 14 Minute AMRAP 75 Wallballs 60 Calorie Row 45 Dumbbell Snatches 30 C2B Pull-ups Fitness: Break up WOD however you like. 10/20 LB DB 6/10 LB Ball Performance, Competition: Perform WOD as written. 40/55 LB DB 14/20 LB Ball Coach Led Mobility Warm-Down: Time left.

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===Workout of the day for Tuesday, January 31, 2017=== Coach Led Dynamic Warmup: Extra Mobility Time: Metcon: 20 Minute AMRAP 25 Abmat Sit-Ups (arms across chest) 200 M Run 25 Kettlebell Swings 250 M Row Fitness: 8/12 KG Kettlebell Performance: 16/24 KG Kettlebell Competition 24/32 KG Kettlebell

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===Workout of the day for Monday, January 23, 2017=== Coach Led Dynamic Warmup & Mobility Metcon: (10 Minute AMRAP) 5 Power Cleans 5 Burpees 200 Meter Run Fitness: 65/95 LB Barbell Performance: 105/155 LB Barbell Competition: 155/225 LB Barbell Skills & Strength: Back Squats – Cycle 1 Week 4: 5|3|1 Plank 1 minute between sets. Be safe, have fun, work hard!

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===Workout of the day for Tuesday, January 17, 2017=== Coach Led Dynamic Warmup, Mobility & Stability Dynamic Shoulder Warm-Up: Crossover Symmetry Skills & Drills: Standing w/hands in extended position and handstands. Many of our movements end in a position where you are standing tall with your arms fully extended. Snatch, Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, Split Jerk, Thruster, Wallball, etc… If you flip that, you’re doing a Handstand. A Handstand is the ability to support your bodyweight in an inverted position. It’s very similar as holding a heavy barbell over your head. If everything is working in unison, together, you can do it and do it well. Today, we want to ensure your mechanics are correct so that you can achieve success. We want to eliminate all the bows, bends and breaks. This could come in the form of an arched spine/lower back or shoulder that are rolled forward. It could also look like elbows that are not locked out or a head that is staring at the ground instead of infront. Use this time to discover what your body is doing and if need be, now to put yourself in a safer and more stable position. Lots of folks can get into a handstand or press weight above their head and most can stand to improve their technique and/or mechanics to do it safer and more efficiently. Metcon: 12 Minute AMRAP 5 HSPU 10 Toes to bar (V-Up MOD) 15 Air squats Fitness, Performance, Competition: Please use scaling options and/or modifications to these movements that will best suit your ability level and fitness goals. Coach Led Mobility Warm-Down: Time left.

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===Workout of the day for Tuesday, January 10, 2017=== Coach Led Dynamic Warmup, Mobility & Stability: Row/Crossover Symmetry/Bent over dumbbell row. Have everyone perform all movements on the coach’s que. Metcon: 16 Minute AMRAP Push-Ups Heavy Kettlebell Swings Double Unders Fitness: Reps: 5 PU/10 KB/15 DU Weights: 12/16 KG KB Performance: Reps: 7 PU/14 KB/21 DU Weights: 16/24 KG KB Competition: Reps: 9 PU/18 KB/27 DU Weights: 24/32 KG KB Coach Led Mobility Warm-Down: Time left.

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===Workout of the day for Wednesday, January 04, 2017=== “Weightlifting Wednesday” Coach Led Dynamic Warmup & Mobility Skills, Drills and Strength: Floor Bench Press Work up a heavy set of 5 reps. WOD: Build to a heavy but doable barbell complex of… 1 Squat Clean 1 Front Squat (2 front squats if you didn’t squat clean the first lift :-) 1 Thruster Coach Led Mobility Warm-Down: Time left.

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===Workout of the day for Wednesday, December 28, 2016=== “Weightlifting Wednesday” Coach Led Dynamic Warmup & Mobility: 15 Minutes Skills, Drills and Strength: Heavy Back Squats Take 20-25 minutes and work up a heavy weight so you can perform 5 sets of 5 reps. Metcon: Jesse’s Boy – 8 Minute AMRAP Rep Scheme… 1/10, 2/20, 3/30… Power Cleans Double Unders Fitness: 65/95 Performance: 95/135 Competition: 135/225 Side note. Want to challenge yourself in a different way with this workout? Pick a weight you don’t have to break up. Now this only works well if you can string together your jump ropes. It means you’ll be doing 8 minutes of GO GO GO!!! Must maintain good form. No crappy reps just to say you did em. Coach Led Mobility Warm-Down: Time left. Thinking about trying CrossFit? Check out our New Years offer:

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The New Year is on it’s way and we have an offer for you. 1 Month Free. Check it out. 3,2,1 Click!

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Athlete Spotlight: DANIELLE Family: Luis Castillejo & I have been married for over 14 years. Together, we have four spectacular (to me) children: Luca ( 11), Julie (9), Estela (7) & Benjamin (5). Occupation: My daily grind is divided between raising my children, volunteering at school, “house stuff” (cooking, cleaning, ect.) & whatever else comes my way! In the last year I have worked on translation projects – translating various video interviews from Spanish to English to create subtitles for video projects. Athletic background: I played Basketball in High School. Sophomore year at SPU I tried out for the basketball team and played shooting guard. These past years have been a random combination of hiking, some climbing, indoor soccer, running, working out at the gym, and just trying to stay active. How long have you been doing CrossFit? I started CrossFit in February of 2016 (8 months). What brought you to Outcome? I became aware of CrossFit & Outcome from my amazing friend, (now coach) Bethanee Randles. I took her classes at the YMCA and trained with her. I loved it. Then, I noticed her growing athleticism and observed her fitness level. It was inspiring. She had nothing but positive things to say about Outcome and it was contagious. I wanted to work towards being well-rounded and fit, and also loved the idea of the ‘community’ she talked about. After taking Foundations, I was nervous but decided to go for it. What are your hobbies or interests outside CrossFit? Music: playing music (guitar/piano) AND listening to music. I can listen to country, rap, R&B – almost anything. If I can be adventuring outside, I am. Hiking up mountains or strolling on beaches, listening to the calm in nature- I love that. More recently, I started playing tennis and have discovered that I enjoy it. (Finally, I love cooking good, spicy food. I’m not sure that’s a hobby or interest, but it’s definitely a fav) If you could create a WOD and name it after yourself what would it be? My workout would be a chipper. “Don’t Slow Down” 6x200m run, 50 KB swings, 35 Power cleans, 30 pull ups, 25 Russian twists, 15 push ups & 6x200m run What are your CrossFit goals? Generally, improve my form on all of the lifts (clean, jerk, snatch, ect)! I would like to do 10 consecutive strict pull ups before the end of the year and learn to kip. What is your favorite treat? I love Newman O’s, apple pie, dark chocolate and Top Pot donuts. Tanya: I love the commitment and determination Danielle brings to Outcome. She is a strong, bad-ass mama, and it shows. When Danielle misses a day (the reason is typically because she is doing something else bad-assery), everyone notices the void. Also love her quirky sense of humor and hair. Thank you Danielle for the inspiration and spark you bring to those around you. Petra: Danielle drives from Poulsbo every day and in the summer sometimes with all 4 of her kids, to find some time for herself. To do right by herself, to get stronger and fitter. She has a quick wit, will always lend an ear and has the most gorgeous smile that goes on for days. Like her hair, this woman does not quit. She wanted strict pull ups, and she got them, because she worked hard for them. Every day. She wanted to increase her clean weight, and did it because she worked hard to do it. She is also not shy about asking for help and advice, but then again there is not a shy bone in her body. I am not alone in believing that this athlete holds a special place in our hearts. Dave: Danielle is the hardest working momma I have ever seen, she comes in ready to work, attacks every workout like her life is depended on it. She competes at events with no fear of failing. I heard other ladies talk about how she inspired them. Plus sometime she comes in so hot she is forced to wear protective sun glasses! I love this lady and always love receiving her hello hugs! Bethanee: Danielle Rueb has become such an incredible part of the community at Outcome. She has grown in such monumental ways since the moment she walked through our gym doors: she has increased her strength, her confidence, and she has certainly made our community a stronger one. I was extremely fortunate to know Danielle as a friend and client for a 4 years before she took the leap and started CrossFit. She is one of the most driven women I have ever met, and she is ALWAYS up for a challenge. Danielle is the type of person who radiates happiness and motivation. Danielle motivates and inspires everyone who she meets. She juggles her own workouts, being super mom to some of the sweetest kids I have ever met, and still finds the time to make sure her and her family are able to have such a wonderful life full of experiences- whether it be hiking, traveling, gardening, team sports or family projects. One of the best attributes about Danielle is her willingness to help motivate the people around her. Danielle pushes all of us to be better, and she is consistently looking for ways to grow to reach her own personal goals. Danielle is one of the most coachable people I have ever worked with, and she has the best possible drive and momentum with her health and fitness. I am happy and thankful to have Danielle as my friend and as a part of our Outcome community! Timary: Danielle is such an incredible addition to our community! Danielle is always pushing herself and everyone around her to be better, to do better. She has the best attitude and will pull you up mentally and physically if you are anywhere near her. I’m so thankful to have Danielle in the gym every day. She is such an inspiration to all that know her. Keep up the fantastic work Danielle! Sal: Danielle… She is the only person I allow to wear sunglasses indoors. That should explain how I feel about her. On a fitness front, she is awesome. I can remember a time when we were in a competition setting where I walked up to her, asked her to trust me, she did, and we got the result we were looking for. I literally remember her cleaning the bar and me just walking away. I had started to cry and I needed to suck it up till I could make it outside. For a coach, there are these moments that can’t be described. The mind, body, spirt of both you and the athlete sync up and it’s just perfect harmony. Yep, that is my girl Danielle. She is a BOSS! Now if we could just get her to stop spitting in the parking lot…

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Workout of the day for Friday, October 7, 2016. Warmup & Mobility Skills & Drills: Rope Climbs Practice your rope climb skills for the first 5 minutes and then… Partner 1 does 1 Rope Climb Partner 2 holds a Plank Accumulate 10-15 Rope Climbs as a team. Metcon (22 Minute Time Cap) Team Chipper 20 Wallballs 20 Partner Sit-Ups 20 Snatch 30 Wallballs 30 Partner Sit-Ups 30 Front Squat 40 Wallballs 40 Partner Sit-Ups 40 Deadlifts 50 Wallballs 50 Partner Sit-Ups 50 Shoulder to Overhead Use the same weight for each movement. Should feel light for some movements and not so light for others. That is the purpose of this particular WOD. Cool Down/Cash Out Fitness/Performance/Competition: Use the weight that is right for both you and your partner. Be smart, be safe, have fun and crush the WOD!

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Workout of the day for Tuesday, September 20. Partner up for a row :) When they are rowing, you are squatting, push-upping, stretching, etc… Use this time wisely and prep for the rest of the class. Skills and Drills – Overhead Squat Pick a partner that will use similar weight and then over the time allotted, work up to a heavy but doable Overhead Squat. Start with multiples at the same weight and as it gets heavier, do less reps so long as you keep the same awesome form. Metcon(s) Rounds for Time (Pick a number of rounds for yourself and stick with it. Should be around 12 Minutes) 5 Strict Pull-Ups 10 Alternating Pistols 15 Sit-Ups

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Workout of the Day for Monday, August 15th, 2016. Warm-Up Metcon: 15 Minute AMRAP 200 Meter Run 5 Man Makers 15 Sit-Ups Strength: Back Squats 5-5-5-5-5 Warm up to your 65-75% and then repeat the 5 sets at that weight. If you want a little more work, slow your descent and pause at the bottom for a 2 count.

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Team WOD Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016 Warm-Up Strength/Skill – Handstand Progression, Handstand, Handstand Walk Once you are good and warmed up, work for a minute, rest for a minute. One thing we often see are people practicing a movement too fast, too long or too heavy. We want you to have a plan, get good work in, but not burn out or reinforce bad habits or bad movements. This is why we are formatting your practice time with a minute of work and a minute of rest. We want at least a minute rest between minutes of work. If you need more rest, take it but have a plan. Be safe, be committed and have fun. Metcon – Team WOD – 100s (teams of 2) 100 Calorie Row 100 Box Jumps 100 Thrusters 100 Russian Twists Fitness: 16/20 Inch Box 10/20 LB Dumbbells Performance: 20/24 Inch Box 30/45 LB Dumbbells Competition: 24/30 Inch Box 40/55 LB Dumbbells

Ask the Doc: The Shoulder Rules

Ask the Doc: The Shoulder Rules

PT Kyle Sela offers simple rules to help you care for your shoulder joint and optimize movement. Say yes to improved performance and no to unnecessary pain.

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Thursday Goal Work Metcon – 15 Minute AMRAP 10 Wallballs 10 Sit-Ups 10 Russian Twists w/Wallball Fitness: 10/14 LB Ball Performance: 14/20 LB Ball Competition: 20/30 LB Ball

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Tuesday, June 14th, 2016 Make this part of the Warm-Up Team – Three by Four or Five :) 3 x 400M Run or 3 x 500M Row Partner Up. Your rest is their run. You should be running/rowing at about 80% effort level. Core Strength Work 3 Sets of: 10 V-Ups 10 Russian Twists w/KB 10 Elevated Presses w/KB Plank for 60 seconds and then rest for 2 minutes between sets. Workout of the Day 12 Minute AMRAP – Get to 10! 1 Power Clean 1 Burpee Over Bar 2 Power Cleans 2 Burpees Over Bar Are you pickin up what we are putting down ;)… Fitness: 65/95 LB Barbell Performance: 95/135 LB Barbell Competition: 115/165 LB Barbell

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Workout of the day for Friday, May 27th, 2016. Strength Deadlift 5/5/5/5/5 WOD AMRAP 10 3 Toes to Bar 3 Box Jumps 6 Toes to Bar 6 Box Jumps 9 Toes to Bar 9 Box Jumps… Fitness: Knee Raises 12/16 Performance: 20/24 Competition 24/30

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Workout of the day for April 18th, 2016. Strength: 20 Back Squats or find your One Rep Max. Remember to add 5 LBS to your weight from last week. Metcon: 15 Minute AMRAP “Simple Dimple” 10 Push-Ups 20 Squats 30 Double Unders Cash Out: 99 Partner Sit-Ups

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Workout of the day for Thursday March 31, 2016 Strength: Snatch complex 3 sets of 3 Hang power snatch Hang squat snatch Full squat snatch from ground Metcon: Tabata Rowing KB swings Double unders Wallballs

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Workout of the day for Monday March 14, 2016 Strength: Box squats 5-5-5-5-5 Keep it light! Metcon: 6 min amrap 5 snatches 25 double unders *3 min rest* 6min amrap 2 muscle ups 20 air squats *3 min rest* 6 min amrap 10 dumbbell push presses 20 sit ups Fitness: 45/65 Singles 3 ring rows + 3 dips = 1 MU 15/20 DB Performance: 65/85 3 pull ups + 3 dips = 1 MU 25/35 DB Competition: 85/105 35/45 DB

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The CrossFit Games Open Workout 17.1 For time: 10 dumbbell snatches 15 burpee box jump-overs 20 dumbbell snatches 15 burpee box jump-overs 30 dumbbell snatches 15 burpee box jump-overs 40 dumbbell snatches 15 burpee box jump-overs 50 dumbbell snatches 15 burpee box jump-overs

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How today's 'light' WOD got us feeling. One of our owners Jon, killing it tonight! #moveliftplay #crossfittysonscorner #cftc #crossfit #crossfitstrong #fitlife #crossfitlife #workoutoftheday #wod #toughtimes #justdoit #400mrun #lightthursday #tysonscorner #tysonsva #vienna #virginia

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These photos show progressive squat points of performance issues. Our ideal foot position for the squat is straight ahead with 3 points of contact big toe, little toe and heel. We should see a nice arch as well. This should stay constant for the whole squat and the knees tracking over the outside toes. If the feet turn out and/or the arch collapses we lose our ability to effectively transfer force into the ground AND put ourselves at greater risk for injury. If you have a hard time squatting with those parameters prioritize your ankle mobility and you will see big changes! #intensitywithintegrity #liftupandliftheavy #crossfitvirginiabeach @mobilitywod @preparetoperform

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The Open Starts Tomorrow!! — The first workout's big announcement (17.1) will be tonight at 8pm ( What happens the next 5 weeks - We will be doing the open workouts as the workout of the day (WOD) each Friday starting tomorrow. Usually, we run two heats so participants can judge each other. Before the workout starts, we will be going over the range of motion for each movement and what you will be doing when judging another person. If you didn't register for the Open, don't worry, you'll still get to do the workout but you won't have to worry about having a judge. Just have fun!! Registered but can't make it on a Friday? No worries, you can still do it during Open Gym hours (Saturday 12pm - 1:30pm) or Monday (10am - 12pm). You just need to coordinate with a friend so they can judge you. Haven't registered yet? What are you waiting for??? Join the fun and test your fitness!!! (

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We will be performing the Open WODs on Fridays at Patriot and Saturdays at Potomac with a 1pm make-up on Sundays at Patriot. Games.CrossFit.Com <-- Get Registered !

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Ever wonder what Crossfit is all about? Think to yourself "Could this be something I can do?" ABSOLUTLY! CrossFit is designed to be scaled. This makes it perfect for anyone who is committed and willing to take the time to work towards increasing their level of fitness. It doesn’t matter what your current fitness level or experience is. Have questions? MESSAGE US! We are here to help!

Ivan Boikov published the post Hindu pushups. Technique and Benefits on Tabata Times
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#tbt to #teamcfr taking on yesterday's 'Elizabeth' wod (and taking advantage of the warmer weather!).

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The 2017 CrossFit Games season is here!!! ***CONTEST TIME*** WIN a CFR shirt. What movement(s) will Open wod 17.1 include??? Rules: 1 guess per person, so make it good. You can guess more than one movement. If you are attempting to list every CrossFit movement then you will be disqualified. If no one gets it then the prize will be included in the following week. Cut off will be 8:00pm EST, tonight. Any guess after that will not be included. You do not have to be a member of Rife to win. You can choose movements someone else has. There can be more than one winner. ☺️Good luck!!! 3.2.1. GO!

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What songs would you want to hear on a 17.1 playlist?

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simonhopes published the post Foods to Eat While You're in Recovery on
Foods to Eat While You're in Recovery We all know how important good nutrition is. But choosing...
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Have to take advantage of the warmer weather outside, even if it means more running.... #crossfit #crossfitprime #mayberunningintheopen #almostnotevenmadaboutrunning #atleastitswarm #whereisspring

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Thursday, February 23, 2017 News! Starting Tonight, Thursday's evening schedule will be the following: 4:30pm Class 5:30pm-7pm OPEN Gym (work on a weakness, do your own WOD, or Mobilize) 7pm Class 8pm Viewing of the CrossFit Open WOD! Conditioning 20 Minute AMRAP: 400m Run 50 Double Unders 15 Cal Row

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The 2017 CrossFit Open is starting!!! The first of 5 workout (called 17.1) is going to be released Thursday night. Friday night CFA will be doing the workout as a huge group. It is a ton of fun!! The gym will open at 5pm for you to show up and begin to warm yourself up. At 5:30pm we'll have a workout briefing. We'll go over the workout, the movement standards, and tips to help get through it. Shortly after the briefing we will get started with the workout. If you've never done an Open workout, you should definitely be there. The atmosphere and energy in the room is awesome. Even if you can't workout, come cheer for people. Get crazy and bring a friend!! ps- some people like to bring their drink of choice for after their workout is done!

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Thursday, 02/23/2017 *The first workout of the 2017 Open season will be announced TONIGHT (Thurs, 2/24)! Go to to watch the live announcement!* Part I: clean complex (every other minute, 4 rounds) -1 clean pull -2 power cleans -1 jerk (push or split) Part II: "HELEN" 3 rounds for time- -400m run -21 KB swings (53/35) -12 pull ups

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2/23/2017 WOD: As many reps as possible in 1 min of: Tire Flip, pick load Then: 5 rounds for time of: 35 Double Unders Run, 200 m

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CrossFit Old Town - CrossFit View Public Whiteboard Deadlift 3-6 reps Check the chart for weights Rest 5mins between sets Back Squat add 10#

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Thursday, 2/23/17, ,

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Our athletes conquered the Yeti today! Everybody is getting ready for the Open 2017! 17.1 here we come!!

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In preparation for The Open, Mobility class will be held on Thursday at 5:30p & 6:30p. Focus will be Hip and Shoulder banded distractions, opening up our lungs through T-Spine & gut smashing, and ending with feet. As always, I'll stay late to answer any questions you might have on ailments or positioning! -Coach Worm

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We are having a contest! What do You think 17.1 will be?!?! Post here with your guess the winner will receive a free FitAid and RXbar. Post whatever you think #theDaveCastro will throw at us. No harm in guessing, so throw it out there. Will bicep curls be the New movement this year...Will he give us DB's on the first workout? ALL entries MUST be in by 8pm tomorrow night (Thursday 2/23/2017) in order to be considered to win. Any entries after 8pm will NOT be considered valid.

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Don't forget to get signed up for the CrossFit Open! FNL starts Friday!! There will not be a regular 6:30pm class for the next 5 Fridays during the Open. Thursday Deadlift Deadlift *Set 1 – 50% x 8 reps *Set 2 – 60% x 6 reps *Set 3 – 70% x 4 reps *Set 4 – 80% x 2 reps *Set 5 – 90% x 2 reps Rest 3 minutes between sets. Metcon (Time) Complete rounds of 21, 15 and 9 reps for time of: Deadlift (225/155 lbs) Bar-Facing Burpees Over the Barbell Endurance 5:30pm 8 Rounds every 4 minutes 400m run (slow steady pace) ROMWOD to follow and prepare for the Open

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A day of food with Ryan- 6:30pm- steak, sweet potatoes and asparagus mmmmmm #food #dayinthefood

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A day of food with Ryan- 5:30pm post workout protein shake in water.... nothing exciting #dayinthefood #swoleveltine

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Just one more day until @thedavecastro unleashes 17.1 and the open season is finally upon us! Any predictions on the first workout? @crossfitgames

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A day in the food life with Ryan- 2:30pm- a little pre workout smoothie #food #dayinthefood

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What are your predictions for the first Open workout of 2017? #seventeenpointone #crossfitopen #OCCFOpen

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CrossFit Embark will be hosting a trial endurance class this Monday (2/27) at 7:30p. All are welcome! There will be no barbell included in the endurance classes. The purpose of the class will be to expand your aerobic capacity. If you would like to schedule your free trial please comment below or email

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REMINDER: BFL Partner Workout Tomorrow (Thursday) 6:00pm - 7:00pm!

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2 more days!!! All that's missing is some killer team names. • REMINDER: Every Friday evening, our LAST regularly scheduled class is at 5p while the Open is running. Please arrive at 5:30 to begin warming up and check your heat times for #FridayNightLights. Coordinate with your team captains if you have any questions! Make sure to hashtag #RiseUpInTheOpen and #RaleighCrossFit for all of your social media posts! #RiseUp #CrossFit

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Our Nutrition Seminar got rescheduled from last week to this week. We have had a number of questions about nutrition recently and this is definitely the best venue to bring those up. With summer coming up, now is the time to build some good nutrition habits, see you tomorrow evening! #FreeSeminar #Nutrition #CrossFitSouthEnd #EatWithPurpose #BeachSeason #PoolSeason

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A day in the food life with Ryan- 10:30am- 3 eggs, 3 egg whites, 2 slices bacon, handlfull of cauliflower and broccoli, topped with a little cheddar cheese. #food #dayinthefood